Stock VIM2 comes with case?

Watching youtube videos on this board there is a weird plastic case with layers and brass standoffs on the bottom, is this how the VIM2 comes or will i need a case?

That comes with the TV box pack if you get it from, gearbest, or Aliexpress,
If you buy the bare board, this is what you get in the box,

Cheers !

If I wanted to speak a bit off brand here :stuck_out_tongue:, It based off the PiBow coupe case,

the very first versions of the boards looked like this

Yes it is a fad among many Raspi users, very cheap, made of acrylic, looks great and you can customize it as per your need, don’t take me wrong, I believe it is more “DIY” than our DIY case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: