Step by step using GPIO on VIM2

I did flash my old VIM2 max via Kresque and installed Ubuntu I can’t get wiringpi to work.
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Kernel 5.5.0-rc2

root@v2001:~# gpio readall
±-----±----±------------------±-----±–±—±-- Model Khadas-Edge —±---±–±-----±---------------------------±----±-----+
| GPIO | wPi | Name | Mode | V | DS | PU/PD | Physical | PU/PD | DS | V | Mode | Name | wPi | GPIO |
| | | 5V | | | | | 1 || 21 | | | | | GND(0V) | | |
Bus error

So I’ve cloned WiringPi from
and ran: ./build
running into:
runRemote.c: In function ‘runRemoteCommands’:
runRemote.c:63:32: error: ‘PI_GPIO_MASK’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘__FD_MASK’?
if (noLocalPins && ((pin & PI_GPIO_MASK) == 0))
runRemote.c:63:32: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
Makefile:55: recipe for target ‘runRemote.o’ failed
make: *** [runRemote.o] Error 1

I would like to connect a 433 transmitter to GPIO23

Anyone did something like this before and can share experience ?

Hello mate, Can you try using a more recent firmware, it might fix your problem :slight_smile:

Sure, which would you recommend to get it working?

Try a latest release of Focal (ubuntu 20.04) of 4.9 kernel, it will ensure stability and will have wiring-pi preinstalled, make sure it was something newer than 20200530…

no joy, still the same:
uname -r
and cdrom/dvd is not working either:
root@v2001:/opt# gpio readall
±-----±----±------------------±-----±–±—±-- Model Khadas-Edge —±---±–±-----±---------------------------±----±-----+
| GPIO | wPi | Name | Mode | V | DS | PU/PD | Physical | PU/PD | DS | V | Mode | Name | wPi | GPIO |
| | | 5V | | | | | 1 || 21 | | | | | GND(0V) | | |
Bus error

ls /dev
adsp disk i2c-0 loop1 mmcblk1 psaux ptyp8 ram3 tty tty18 tty28 tty38 tty48 tty58 ttyAML2 ttypa urandom vcsa1 vcsu4 zram0
autofs dri i2c-1 loop2 mmcblk1boot0 ptmx ptyp9 random tty0 tty19 tty29 tty39 tty49 tty59 ttyp0 ttypb v4l vcsa2 vcsu5 zram1
block dsp i2c-2 loop3 mmcblk1boot1 pts ptypa rfkill tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6 ttyp1 ttypc vcs vcsa3 vcsu6 zram2
btrfs-control fd iio:device0 loop4 mmcblk1p1 ptyp0 ptypb rtc tty10 tty20 tty30 tty40 tty50 tty60 ttyp2 ttypd vcs1 vcsa4 vcsu7 zram3
bus full initctl loop5 mmcblk1p2 ptyp1 ptypc rtc0 tty11 tty21 tty31 tty41 tty51 tty61 ttyp3 ttype vcs2 vcsa5 vga_arbiter zram4
cec0 fuse input loop6 mmcblk1rpmb ptyp2 ptypd shm tty12 tty22 tty32 tty42 tty52 tty62 ttyp4 ttypf vcs3 vcsa6 vhci zram5
cec1 gpiochip0 kmsg loop7 mqueue ptyp3 ptype snapshot tty13 tty23 tty33 tty43 tty53 tty63 ttyp5 ttyS0 vcs4 vcsa7 vhost-net zram6
char gpiochip1 kvm loop-control net ptyp4 ptypf snd tty14 tty24 tty34 tty44 tty54 tty7 ttyp6 ttyS1 vcs5 vcsu video0 zram7
console gpmctl lirc0 mapper null ptyp5 ram0 stderr tty15 tty25 tty35 tty45 tty55 tty8 ttyp7 ttyS2 vcs6 vcsu1 watchdog
cpu_dma_latency hugepages log mem port ptyp6 ram1 stdin tty16 tty26 tty36 tty46 tty56 tty9 ttyp8 ttyS3 vcs7 vcsu2 watchdog0
cuse hwrng loop0 mixer ppp ptyp7 ram2 stdout tty17 tty27 tty37 tty47 tty57 ttyAML0 ttyp9 uleds vcsa vcsu3 zero

My VIM2 is now a pihole, that’s all it can do for me.

as far as I can see there is no Ubuntu 20.04 newer than 20200530 on:

I’ve found such under:

but I will not install the OS on SD or USB

did you read this ?
you can’t build that library as-is, the pinout is slightly different, and needs modification…
try go through this again…

Yes, not ready yet for Khadas, I see. I handle my GPIO needs with my Raspi and Odroid and leave the VIM for what it can handle. It’s not very well made up yet, not even cdrom is working.
This hardware could use a bigger/more proactive community.