Static USB Name Assignment

I am using a VIM3L that runs the latest Khadas Android 9 in my CarPc project and in my carpc along side vim i have two arduinos that are connected to vim.

The issue in my setup is usb names, at first (first boot) arduino 1 gets the name “/dev/bus/usb/001/003” and arduino 2 gets “/dev/bus/usb/001/004” but everytime the usbs get unplugged or devices goes into suspend mode these names change to 005 & 006 (or to make it worse sometimes the order goes out so arduino 1 gets second connection) and never remain the same, with my unit running for days sometimes these usb names reach 067-068… this has started a big problem in my carpc project and i would like to get them to show up as static names.

I did a research and found that i could use udevadm command as root to somehow create some local rules and assign names accordingly via vendorid and product id but while trying udevadm command does not exist and comes back with error when tried.

Could anyone please suggest a way to get around this issue ?

anyone pleaseeeeeeee :face_with_thermometer:?

you can try to transplant the udevadm to android by ndk build

any easy way ?
even if i can run a script on boot or everytime a usb device gets plugged in ? to check vendorid and assign a name or even assign a specific /001/00X number to it ?

yes ,you can run a script on boot