SPI overlay conflicts on Ubuntu VIM3L

Hello, I have a VIM3L with the newest Ubuntu kernel 4.9 set up, copied to eMMC and upgraded according to instructions, now the kernel is version Linux Khadas 4.9.241.

According to the manual, to enable the SPI port on the pin headers, the spi1 overlay must be enabled and pwm_f overlay removed from /boot/env.txt. So I have done, and even gone further only leaving watchdog and spi1 overlays=disable-ts050 watchdog spi1. However, even after manually modprobing spidev they do not show up under /dev/spidev*.

dmesg reveals what appears to be a pin conflict:

[    0.846763] loop: module loaded
[    0.848169] mtdoops: mtd device (mtddev=name/number) must be supplied
[    0.848919] meson-g12a-pinctrl pinctrl@ff634480: pin GPIOH_5 already requested by ffd19000.pwm; cannot claim for ffd15000.spi
[    0.848936] meson-g12a-pinctrl pinctrl@ff634480: pin-22 (ffd15000.spi) status -22
[    0.848949] meson-g12a-pinctrl pinctrl@ff634480: could not request pin 22 (GPIOH_5) from group spi1_miso  on device pinctrl-meson
[    0.848961] meson-spicc ffd15000.spi: Error applying setting, reverse things back
[    0.848985] meson-spicc: probe of ffd15000.spi failed with error -22
[    0.850086] libphy: Fixed MDIO Bus: probed

Now I’m posting this here because device tree overlays are completely new to me, though I believe the offending ffd19000.pwm definition can be found in kvim3l_linux.dtb

pwm@19000 {
        compatible = "amlogic,g12a-ee-pwm";
        reg = <0x00 0x19000 0x00 0x20>;
        #pwm-cells = <0x03>;
        clocks = <0x15 0x15 0x15 0x15>;
        clock-names = "clkin0\0clkin1\0clkin2\0clkin3";
        status = "okay";
        pinctrl-names = "default";
        pinctrl-0 = <0x18>;
        phandle = <0x53>;

But I have a lot to learn about device trees before being able to disable it (I don’t plan on using any pwm) or resolving the conflict. Perhaps someone here has enabled the SPI port on this device before or knows how to work around this?