Spdif out not working with input from cd player

Simple enough question and based on another reply I’ve seen on this forum, I understand it shouldn’t be a problem taking a spdif signal from a cd player and feeding that to the tone board. However, when I do this, there’s no audible signal and I don’t know why. It’s powered via usb (from a power supply and not a pc). Could someone guide me on why I’m getting no audible signal with this set up. It’s a generic tone board. I’ve tried it with my Windows 7 pc and it works fine, just not as a dac upgrade to my cd player which I really need it for.

Thanks in anticipation


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Hello, I just fed coaxial SPDIF from a cheap Samsung DVD player, to the SPDIF input on the ToneBoard, powered via USB-C port. It works here without issue.
Generic things I would suggest are, power supply 500mA or greater, try a different patch cord(though you probably have already).
I cannot find the remote for my DVD player, so I could not check for player settings that may affect SPDIF.

Might be a good idea to list the firmware revision installed on your TB, it may help others to ID your problem. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help RDFTKV. I changed my power supply and seems to working fine now. Now I can enjoy the music :slight_smile:

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Excellent. Glad to hear you got it going.
Have fun. :slight_smile: