SO.. My dad is really happy with VIM3

Hello, thanks Khadas for VIM3 I’ve gift my dad it as a TVBox with @superceleron android and standard accessories and he is really happy about it.

It works smooth on 4K TV, it’s much better than PhilipsTv he had and TX6.

I can’t say how accurate this was for him but he loved it as soon we ran it first time. I got full accessory set including a heatsink, fan, adapter and cable aaaand I assembled it all, then after we ran it…

poof the adapter burned, sparks came out from it and question mark here… quick I used my xiaomi adapter to power it up instead, the board isn’t damaged just the adapter so nothing wrong.
I will contact Khadas for replacement, but overall this has been awesome day and I can’t tell how much of a difference he sees now in a new hardware.

I just wanted to share it with this community :stuck_out_tongue: Khadas deserves more attention

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays


Hi, thanks for the helpful information! Happy Holidays everyone!


nice! enjoy! i trust khadas! and luv how cool thier designs is, and foremost i luv the community!! hope u do too