Sniffing bluetooth packets on Vim4


I have Vim4 with ubuntu 22.04, I want to activate the bluetooth module that comes with the onboard wifi card AP6275S to be able to sniff the bluetooth packets using wireshark. I went through the procedure described in the post: Add Bluetooth Support for Ubuntu
and I used the firmware given in this link: firmware/brcm · master · Librem5 / firmware-brcm43752-nonfree · GitLab
but the procedure didn’t work for me and some of the steps generated error or didn’t execute correctly, for example I wasn’t able to activate the hci_uart module by adding it to the modules file! and I’m still not able to capture any packet using wireshark.

Any help is really appreciated.

You don’t need to do this, the bluetooth is supported by default.

This configuration is builtin by default, you don’t need to load it manually.

Hello @numbqq, thank you for your answer, I actually tested the bluetooth sniffing mode before I went through this process and didn’t receive any packet.
I also re-installed ubuntu again after reading your comment and started from the beginning but still not able to receive any bluetooth packet!
I also updated the kernal with no luck.

Any help is really appreciated.

Hello~ @HadK123
Please use the official firmware and try again(Update firmware with OOWOW)

Yes I already used the official firmware using the method discribed by @numbqq in the following post but with no luck.