Smudge on a chip of the board

After recieving my Vim it has some smudge on the wireless chip. I dont experience any issues but might take of the cover and clean it off if it get too annoying but it functions flawlessly. Any ideas what it could be?

Hello, how are you? So sorry for the dirty label on the transparent plate.
We feel quite sorry on your bad purchasing experience and we will be more strictly quality control on the manufacturing.

Here I have some solutions if you may like, or you can share me your other suggestions.

  1. return back to your seller; That will take you some more time to get back the money.
  2. if it is not effected to your usage, could we offer you a cooling fan as our apology.
  3. We will ensure the better quality control on next manufacturing to offer the best purchasing experience to our users.
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Thank you

Its not bothering me and could easily clean it off if i choose to open the case in the future so you shouldn’t worry as its not affecting performance or functionality and the smudge isn’t on the acrylic its on the wireless chip itself.

Hi MineSweGamer.
Thank you very much for your feedback. Hope our VIM board can be satisfied you in the other way.
Appreciated. No words, everything.

have now tried opening and using some damp cotton but did nothing. Any chance that its solder grease and thats why i cant clean it off?

Maybe, but I can’t see clear from your photo.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hello, I am not sure if AMPAK(AP) etches, prints or stamps the info on their WiFi modules. If it is printed or stamped, I would guess the smudge is ink from the printer or stamp. It looks like the same color as the info, and if ink, it explains why water did not remove it. Solvents might remove it, however, solvents might also damage the module or surrounding surfaces. Since it is working fine, if it was mine, I would just let it be.:slight_smile: