Silicon motion 2263 rev 3 SSD controller

In the current 4.9 kernel, Silicon Motion 2263 controller is not supported due to a known bug. From what I remember, it supposed to be fixed in 5.5 or later mainline; do we have any chances to get this fix in the next VIM3L Ubuntu firmware? There is a plenty of cheap SSDs with this controller on market.

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Waht bug ? Could you provide more information ?

Could you provide some SSD links with this controller ?


This is the bug details:

Here is the example of that SSD:

What I observe in my tests, VIM3L with 4.9 kernel is able to see this device on NVME bus, but fdisk hangs when I try to write the partition table (that pretty much correlates with the bug title “not able to recognize NVME’s partition”).