Signed OTA upgrade failed (Android Pie)


I have my own build (Android 9.0),
but I can’t flash it. [Log file]

When I do that, the upgrade start and progress then suddendly stop
and reboot when Android popup reach 20%.

The device has my own ROM with my certificates and private keys in /build/target/product/security

I can’t flash signed ota package after sign_target_files_apks and ota_from_target_files.

I can’t flash ota package that build after make dist or make -j8 otapackage.

Is it possible to flash signed ota package with my own certificates and private keys?

Or the reason is not in the presence of a signature?

Thanks, @jasonl, @goenjoy

[Log file]

Khadas team is on vacation and can only reply once they’re back to work.

@int00h i found error in the log

you can do following modify