Setup: Attaching the antenna

Vim4: Setup

Attempting to attach the antennas (BT, WiFi) and it is not attaching when pushed on. What is the correct method to attach antennas?

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Very carefully.

Make sure it is centered over the connector, top flat portion of connector must be parallel to top of board. Use a small flat tip screwdriver to apply light downward pressure.

If you have a magnifier or have some one hold your phone camera, it is much easier to see what is going on.

Very carefully is the correct answer but compared to VIM3, you will need to use that hard (eg. metal) tool to push the antennas down. I didn’t manage to just push them down with my fingers. Of course, when you do it with a tool you want to be extra careful that the connectors are aligned as we all know how fun it is to play with broken connectors …:frowning:

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Somewhat related…There are two antennas, is there a specific order in which they should be applied? I know there are two connectors, but I don’t see any info such as one is for BT the other is for WiFi, etc.

Larger one is 2.4 ghz and goes on board connector A, smaller is 5 ghz and goes on board connector B.

wew… was it similar for VIM3? i installed my vim3 antnenas inside the DIY case but dont remember if i checked which is which… been working fine since a year now! !!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the helpful information!!!


I found the information on this page helpful.

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One thing I found helpful … is LOTS of light… I’m 58 and seeing those little pads is a bit of a challenge but with patience and a small screwdriver I was able to tackle it after a bit of playing around.

i had to buy a magnifying glass off amazon before i could get the antennas attached. there was no way in hell i could see the connectors without some visual help. i tried using my phones camera + zoom, but trying to hold the phone and connecting the antennas was a bit much.

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