Sending private messages

How do I send private messages in this forum. I have been looking for this button for a long time but I couldn’t locate it.

It also seems that the number of replies I can make in a topic is restricted. How do I unlock that. Is this because I am new here.

Many thanks.

Hello, When you click a user’s avatar, a window will popup, there is a message button on the upper right.

By restricted, do you mean you are typing your reply and the preview window has a message saying you have replied to a user so many times already, or something similar? If so, seems I recall that the message will not prevent you from posting.


The cause of the problem was that I am a newbie in this community so that my rights was restricted.

My status just got upgraded to ‘trusted’ so all restrictions are lifted.

Thx for replying.

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Glad to hear it. Yes, my memory is a little foggy from those times.
Welcome to the community.


Welcome from me too :slight_smile:


Same problem for me.

@tsangyoujun how can I earn the “trusted” status so that I am allowed to send Private Messages to some users of Khadas Forum?

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I think only @gouwa has permission to do that.