Second IR receiver on Khadas VIM (android)

Hi all,
I’m trying to configure an external IR receiver on GPIO pins on the Khadas VIM. Tried changing the GPIO pin in the DTS in /arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/mesongxl.dtsi

		amlogic,setmask = <AO 0x1>;
		amlogic,clrmask = <AO 0x200000>;
		amlogic,pins = "GPIOAO_7";

Recompiled everything, uploaded and nothing changed. No new IR, on-board IR still working.

The reason I need to do this is that I want to reroute the IR receiver without desoldering the onboard one.

Can you advise on a way to have my second IR receiver work the same as the onboard one on Android Nougat?


Did you want to configure an external IR receiver with GPIO pins on Android? That’s too hard to do it.
BTW, if you want to do it on Ubuntu/LibreELEC, You can refer to LIRC

Yes that’s exactly it. I’ve found hard the hard way that this is indeed very hard. Think we’re gonna desolder the onboard one and resolder an external one or something.

Thank you,