Screen tearing in console mode

Is that normal when loading Ubuntu:

Characters looks fragmented while loading the system.

Hello, see here.

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Ok sorry I dint check tech support forum for that.

Hope it helps. No sorry needed.:slight_smile:

SO , what is the source code solution for this problem.

So we can fix our own builds of Ubuntu ?

Khadas ( @Gouwa ) - When you find problems like this, and get a solution, your team should be posting the solution. Especially with open source.

A better title for us to find this problem “screen tearing in console mode”

Also, it is not just VIM2, it is VIM1 also.

@numbqq what is the solution you found, so that others like me can implement it into our own builds?

Hi freeasinbeer,

About the solution of this issue, you can refer to this commit , but there are a lot of changes.Actually, we push Amlogic to fix this issue, but we don’t have the commit of fixup this issue, too. If you want to build your own image, you can use the latest source code on Khadas GitHub. And this issue has been fixed on both VIM and VIM2.