Sample rate indication for the KTB

I have seen other posts on this subject but as far as I can see no actual solution! Yes, plenty of stand-alone DAC boards now have a whole row of led’s and OLED’s are beginning to show up so that you have a nice display on the front panel of your DAC!
I appreciate that the KTB has concentrated (successfully!) on the main functionality of a DAC but it would be nice to have (hardware) confirmation alongside the player’s indication.
Maybe the I2S signals could be used to generate the necessary information??

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!!

I have seen a post about such a board, but don’t remember exactly where, and it didn’t come up in a quick search. It’s probably in either the ASR khadas review thread or on (or more likely both.) IIRC it connects to the i2c port of the 9038 and uses that to get and set most of the things that are available. Status is shown on a display, and there’s a rotary encoder for changing things.

Thanks! Having studied the schematic I don’t think that there is any useful signal (to me) available at any of the connectors. I will check out your suggestions

Have a look here:

Many thanks, I will check it out!