Same android version as A311D VIM3?

Im a n00b so if all this sounds stupid its because i AM!

last week i got in all the parts for the VIM3 rig with the A311D chip, got it all together and it runs like a dream, clean, quick, plenty of settings and easy to navigate.

I figured heck this one was so good im gona try the RK3399 version get both of the faster versions.

I get in all the parts last night and put it together but im not really into the android version on this Edge-V pro. It doesnt seem to be any slower then the A311D unit but navigating the Edge seems clunky, alot of phone settings still in there that dont really do anything

At first i thought i got the wrong board or case but after some digging around found out the case i got just needs some hacking to get it to fit. Got that all sorted.

Before i start loading all the apps and stuff on this Edge-V 4+32 is there a better version of Android that is better “tuned” to the edge like the 311D board?


I use the latest android pie on edge v, it dates from the month of December. But since nothing, I would say they forgot this model, too bad. There is also Android TV.
there is magisk on android pie and android tv with 1.5 (I couldn’t install it).
update in ota will be fine too.

Im not even sure what version of android is on this unit but its not as easy to navigate as the A311D board

Are there any links?

Im not even sure i know how to install it, i just figured before i start filling up the memory with apps and games and apps ide see if there was a better version to put on it rather then get in a few weeks with it and then find out DOAH i have to start over with a new version.

Hello, All official Khadas Android Edge firmware can be found here.
User, and longtime Rockchip ROM developer, @mo123(click to get to his user page and links) offers custom Android ROMs(firmware) for the Edge models. He offers both AndroidTV and standard Android versions.

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thanks, how do i know which is the android tv version?

Android TV versions come from mo123, you can have a look here.

@BowerR64 Thank you for your feedback. I will fix it on Android 10. It is estimated to be released by June.


I am working on a new AndroidTV 9 version.
Will be released this week.
It will also have a mini app store for streaming apps and Kodi addons to quickly download in one place(only legal ones) since it can become difficult to keep track where the addons are hosted eg. Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and which Netflix app to use since you need to use Magisk now to be able to use the latest Netflix app.

As goenjoy says, Android 10 has native support for AndroidTV firmware, so Khadas will be able to build their own easily in future even before official AndroidTV devices run AndroidTV 10.


Wait, don’t leave, we really need you at Khadas!

I thought i liked the android tv better but after using these Khadas units i kinda prefer that kickback launcher now

I wish i had those HD desktop images though that were on the VIM 1 and VIM2 the desert or what ever it was i like the looks of those BG images

each desktop has its own advantage, so you still think what you like best :wink:

I would say use the stock launcher or something similar like that, it is nice to look at and simple to navigate :+1: