Running OS from usb or hdd

Will you support this in the future, i have 2.5" and 3.5" hdd, 3.5" hdd is used with separate power supply, will it be possible to run any Os from external hdd or usb flash drive?

I know you still need an sd card, if i remember well, it is used to store the bootloader, but i would have much more memory available for data, so this wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I am not sure how fast it would run, but i was looking some videos on yt, and i have seen some other boards do support many of these features.

Don’t get me wrong, but for example Asus tinker board supports this, and the board was released few months after Vim was released.

You can run LE, or any Linux from USB on VIM using multi-boot. You can use almost the entire volume eMMC for data, but You will have to build a new dtb file with the new memory layout. u-boot to be in the first few megabytes + there’s also a service information (ENV LOGO etc), the rest You can use for storing Your data. But keep in mind that the speed of USB is significantly below the speed of eMMC and it is better to use eMMC for system and USB for data.