Run Pose detection on GPU


I am using VIM3 with Android 9 and I want to run my app on GPU since it uses google ML kit for pose detection.
I want to run my pose detection on GPU. So, how do I do that?
What changes I need to make inside VIM3 Pie SDK so that I could achieve that?

@Parth_Prajapati Sorry, you can’t run it with GPU. Becase it don’t support cuda. Maybe you can try with NPU.

Is it possible to do with latest Android 11 on VIM3?
Is NPU there in the Android 9 VIM3 source code?

@jasonl Please help this

@Parth_Prajapati VIM3 source code don’t include NPU,android 11 npu will schedule as needed

Okay, so How do I include NPU in the VIM3 android 9 sdk?
I think there is a separate tool chain for NPU.

android NPU just include jni source code,you can download from github

Okay, will try it and will let you know the output.