Run different model on khadas VIM3

Hello All
How could run different model on vim3? for example I wanna use ‘unet’ model that written by TensorFlow
for segmentation of medical imaging, how could I use aml_npu_app in this project?

@ali.tavakolpoorsaleh Hello, aml_npu_app don’t support this model . I just can get you some suggests.

  1. Try to convert you model . You need to confirm whether your model can be converted.
  2. The converted code can be directly compiled and executed, and the result of the generated executable file will output a top5.
  3. The most important step is to do post-processing for your model. example for yolov3. The post-processing file is yolov3_process.c . You can refer to the post-processing method in this file to post-process your model.