Rpi-rf with Khadas


We need answer for one question, please.

So that we can replace Raspberry with Khadas, we need to know if we can use the rpi-rf module (https://github.com/milaq/rpi-rf)?


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@Omirax No , you can’t do it . System needs to be adapted , Even if you adapt the system, this library also needs to be transplanted.

@Frank Thanks!

Bad news for our project. We thought we could swap Raspberry for Khadas and buy constantly.
Perhaps Khadas has a different way of interacting with RF modules?

@Omirax we have transplanted wiringpi and wiringpi-python to our khadas board . I don’t know what is rpi-rf . Can you tell me what 's that ?


I post bad link :frowning:

Dependencies: RPi.GPIO

@Omirax We also have transplanted rpi.GPIO to our boards. But just sample funtions, not all .

@Frank It is very important for us to know if we can work with RF modules. Perhaps you could clarify this?

@Omirax It must not work now, this library must be transplanted to use

@Frank Is it possible?