Rotate video output to portrait mode (Android)

I’m trying to get the video output for the Khadas Vim with Android to rotate after the fact. I tried installing an “app” that does this for some Android.

Does the Khadas Vim have something similar to ODROID’s Configuration Utility? I tried a number of things, including sending commands via ADB to rotate the screen but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m basically trying to get the Khadas VIM to get to Portrait Mode.

You can modify the file ‘build.prop’, We will add rotate menu on Settings in the future

// connect your device with wifi adb
# adb connect IP_Addr
# adb root
# adb remount
# adb shell

//modify file,
# vi /system/build.prop
//add below line into the file

# adb sync
# adb reboot

Have a try.

I need this option and I have tried this and nothing changed. Do you have any other suggestion regarding this issue?

Device is VIM, software version 7.1.2, kernel 3.14.29, build Vim_Nougat_20170901.

Thank you

I was able to get it to work with the above instructions from Terry. Your application does need to be rotation aware though.

If someone run into this:

you need to remove

from /system/build.prop and replace it with

only after that you’ll get the rotation somehow working only via apps


seems to do nothing

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Hello, Terry!

Youre instruction does not working on my VIM2 with android 7.1.2.
May be exist another way to rotate screen?

I’d like rotate screen on 180 degrees for using in my car.

P.S. Instruction of @kkkkk does not working too.

I’m sorry for that. Only android 6.0 can support the property ‘ro.sf.hwrotation’.
The android 7.1.2 don’t support the property ‘ro.sf.hwrotation’ by default. You can try to add the support by referring to this commit. Thanks

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Thanks this helped me but I still need to use a screen rotation app from the Playstore.