[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie “Normal” Debug Build v5 20211122

yes, or if with a battery, charge

no, that’s not the problem. And with batteries - fine. It feels like the RAM of the device is clogging, but verification shows that more than half is free.

Yes, I checked on 2 remotes, both work fine with other devices (no delays).

The problem is clearly not with the memory, but I think the reset to the factory will help

yes it helps solve the problem, but the problem returns after some time (and I can’t understand why :confused:).

this has not been observed before?

the problem repeats every time (about a month later after installing any OS).

Including android ?
could it be due to bad blocks in eMMC ?

try booting into coreelec using the standard method

you can try a full cleanup

yes, including android (now install android TV, before - pure android)

yes, before install OS I always full clean memory.

I know that we have good usb3.0 ports, at the moment I used it under coreelec (standard method), try this method, everything works fine for me!

yes, and also, I’m using “nightly build”, just try

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Nightly build might change over time…

I know, buddy, this is a debug build, my favorite

It is technically a “beta” to say, but there won’t be any bugs, Mostly…

yes, buddy, don’t worry, I know all these points, the guys there are literate, even the beta versions are at a good level

I do not urge to install this particular version, I just recommend it, and you need to try different options, the main thing is that you yourself like the system!

is there any new firmware from VIM3L and VIM3 Atv and which is the latest please

Some APK on ( VIM3L / VIM3 PIE ) cant be controlled by normal remote is there a way?