[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV Debug/User builds v2 20200120

thanks for the work, superceleron🙂

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Thks, the one for VIM3 and VIM1 will come next… in 1 or 2 days!


for sure! I did not notice the letter “L”! Nevertheless thank you! :joy::grin::hear_no_evil::+1:
but I still thought Terry hadn’t released yet, you usually do after him!

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Great job! That’s cool!!!

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Thanks for the great work superceleron.

I’ve been using this for a bit now with only one issue. I have the vim3l hooked up with the tone board, which works fine until the system goes into sleep mode. Once it wakes back up, sound no longer comes from the tone board until the whole system is rebooted.

hmm not much i can help you since i dont have a tone board, but from what you tell me looks like something is not “waking” up!

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@superceleron I couldn’t install your image according to this instruction. Tell me, if you know any way to install from under Linux (I can’t use a virtual machine, and the script on the github Khadas team does not work because it is designed for Ubuntu Linux, and I have Archlinux with a different files OS structure).

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sorry mate i cant help you with it, i dont use linux to burn images… i use ubuntu as my main system but i keep another old pc with windows just for img burn…
But if i can remember correctly you can burn a img using a sdcard… @RDFTKV do you remember the procedure?
I can’t at the moment…

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Yes, I have covered this with the user. So far they have not had success with it.

ok thks mate.
I think you guys should always have a win machine to just in case…

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hi, superceleron, what do you think, how much artificial intelligence can be implemented in our board, for tv box fans, I think there is good potential there ?!

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Well the potencial is there, now… the soft needs to done to take all potencial out it, that is the tricky part!

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Yes, especially since the future lies with artificial intelligence! :blush:
Your opinion was important to me, about the a311d with the possibility of artificial intelligence, from the point of view of a TV set-top box, OS android!

I did want to add that the card method works on the VIM3 and other VIM models. I do not have VIM3L for testing, so I only assume it will work on the 3L.

fantastic build superceleron! I have a question about the hdmi resolutions supported. My monitor is only being detected at 1920x540i60hz even though it is capable of 2560x1440p60hz. Do you have a similar workaround to the one used for the Edge-V where you can delete the resolution_white.xml file ? tia !

not at this time, but is strange you monitor does that…
It can only be the fw from the monitor sending wrong information to the khadas device!

@superceleron Is there a voice control option in the firmware (for VIm3L)?

well it have google assistant, and works fine in here!


Well… i have some bad news for you guys… i had a issue with my home build server hdd and i lost 3 sdk… 2 khadas ones and one from work :frowning:
So this means all changes i did to vim’s sdk( old sdk and newer sdk) are now lost :frowning:
Its going to take a while to get all back again(add all changes to sdk, if i can remember all of them), so you guys going to wait a bit longer!

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3 golden rules for everybody!!

rules one ! make backups
rules two ! make backups
rules three ! make backups