[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie "Normal" Final v1 20190810

Hi there guys and girls, one more rom/fw for you all!
Many thks to Khadas for sending me the device to play
And many thks to @Robert for be my beta tester :wink:
Ok guys im going to write the max i remember i did on sdk… i can’t remember all of it!
Build from Latest source.
Debug Build ( i might do in the future a rls build with my own keys )
I also added my layout(in zip format in internal storage) for squarehome3, is not hard to import it, i will make a video on how to do it in the next days… or just search youtube i bet there is something explaining it!

Changelog Final V1:

  • Removed 1. boot pair remote page.
  • Added 2 more remote to power on from sleep.
  • Fixed Vulkan support.
  • Fixed Navigation and Status bar.
  • Long press menu to show navigation bar
  • Reduced the time mouse icon stays on screen.
  • Updated gapps again…
  • Other small stuff done in sdk.

Changelog BETA1:

  • NO ROOT (i do not root my roms… sorry… but you can have “su” in shell since is a debug build )
  • Small change in kernel.
  • LatinIme fixes and now can be used with remote DPAD
  • Fixed force_land.
  • Removed some “Null” pop ups
  • Some addtions and fixes to settings provider
  • Modified DroidSettings, “More Settings” now calls white settings.
  • Modified TVSettings, added “Display” to menu to call DroidSettings
  • Added White Settings(regular android settings), and fixed lots of stuff
  • Enabled vulkan (but still not detected by apps… so work in progress)
  • Added squarelauncher3 and also added my layout to internal storage so you guys can import it from there if you like my layout of course!
  • Added SetupWizard.
  • Double click home brings up Recent Apps in Grid View…
  • Long press home calls assistant
  • Long press Mic Key in remote calls assistant ( only tested in Beelink King Remote )
  • Added many KL’s for many keyboards.
  • Added Beelink King remote support. ( more to be added in the future )
  • Added Provision.
  • Added AndroidTV screensaver, by default will start in 1h… you can change that in settings.
  • Added AndroidTV remote control
  • Added some apps. ( not many since i dont like to add to much crap in my roms )
  • Compilation done with optimizations.
  • Changed system and vendor partitions size.
  • Optimized lots of stuff.
  • Gapps Nano, build from source already odexed from compile for a faster boot.
  • Some small fixes to systemui.
  • I know there are more… i but i cant remember now, keeping a good log is not my strong at least when is not for my work place, lol…


  • Remove 1. boot pair remote page.
  • Add support for more remotes to wake up from poweroff/sleep to uboot.
  • Fix Vulkan support.
  • Fix Navigation Bar and status bar.
  • Add long press menu button to hide/show navigation bar.
  • And other stuff i can’t remember now…

Bugs BETA1:

  • Of course there is bugs… there always be bugs…

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Download Final v1 IMG:

Install instructions:

  • Use usb burning tool to burn the IMG.
  • More information on how to put the device in flash mode refer to khadas wiki!



Enjoy it :slight_smile:


well… here is a report on what i done this last days from the TODO list.

  • Remove 1. boot pair remote page. - > Done
  • Add support for more remotes to wake up from poweroff/sleep to uboot. -> Added 2 more.
  • Fix Vulkan support. -> Fixed
  • Fix Navigation Bar and status bar. -> Fixed
  • Add long press menu button to hide/show navigation bar. -> Done
  • And other stuff i can’t remember now… -> A few other minor stuff!

Updated 1º post with “Final” (for now of course), read changelog for changes…


It seems that online doc needs update these two links(Linux and Android).

@alcohol The Third Party Firmware is in there.The first one is Android TV.

Hi @Frank , ye they are wrong is linked to this rom, this one is regular android.
The AndroidTV one is in another topic here in VIM3 section.
I posted 2 roms :wink:

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Hi @superceleron, thanks for the rom! Just got my VIM board (VIM 3 V12) recently and was looking forward to giving this a try.
I’m struggling to flash it, though. I’m using USB burning tool and can’t get past 3% ([0x10303004]Romcode/Switch status/Identify/Error result). No luck using an SD card and burn card maker either: I lose output signal almost immediately after it starts updating, unless I don’t erase the bootloader where it completes installing but then I get no output signal on reboot. Same issue with the Beta1 image. Validated the checksum on both images, everything seems fine there.
That said, I have no problem flashing it with the stock Pie rom with the same setup.
I wonder if anyone else is having (had) a similar issue?

Hello, I had no issues flashing SC’s VIM3 ROM, went straight in using USB Burning Tool.
I erased eMMC prior to the burn.

Weird, no issues whatsoever here, and i already burn like 80x lol