[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie "Normal" Debug/User Builds v6 20200728

Great build “Debug/User v.5”! So far, everything works (except Velvet.apk., but I replaced it with a new Katniss.apk, and everything became good…:slightly_smiling_face:). Thank you, SuperCeleron, for your work!!! … :hugs:

weird it works just fine here, you see it as a google icone in all apps, but well if you know how to change and like the atv one… good :slight_smile:


I have and on past builds “voice search” did not work (I do not know why?), except for the last Katniss.apk… :thinking:

the thing is, everything is individual :slightly_smiling_face:

Debug/User v.5 … :smiley:


Superceleron, is it planned kernel support init.d in your firmware v6?

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I do not like it, i will think about it!

there are other alternative ways easier to implement custom scripts

Why don’t you like it? This it debug builds.

I know about “alternative ways”. I use them, but they have big drawbacks.

there has not yet been a misfire :blush:
but I don’t mind having more options

It depends on what scripts and with what rights you use :wink:

can you give me your script, and I can evaluate how it will work in my case without init.d

You do not understand, the script works, but any memory cleaner removes its processes or they are removed by themselves.
Script -
su root /system/bin/mount -o bind /data/entware /opt
su root /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start

I didn’t notice anything like this, I use " ScriptManager "

On other firmware (devices) where there is support for init.d at the kernel level - no problems

well i simple do not like it, i used in the past in many of other roms… some ppl do not know how to use it and then bug my head… so from that time on i never released again a rom with init.d support in the kernel.
If anyone wants it just use regular init.d support in the RC startup scripts, they work just fine and do all you want.
Also one is userdebug and the other is user build that means more work for me since i need to “disable” it in user build.

i don’t mind of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, I think Superceleron is doing everything possible!

@superceleron I have been using your ROM for a few days now and it has been great…thank you for making it available to the community! One request that I’d like to make is for you to consider implementing GPS into the location services portion of the ROM. I have a simple USB GPS puck that I’d like to use on my VIM3 Pro in my car setup, and as it stands right now, I can’t seem to figure out how to get it activated. Thanks again and thanks in advance for possibly considering this feature.

well the gps is missing in the sdk so there is another way to enable it, search the forum i think i saw something that does that.
Also if you pull the top bar down just like phones you will see the gps icon there, try to enable it there!