[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie "Normal" Debug Build v8 20211122

Hello! thanks, and shumodav disable echo 0> / sys / module / di / parameters / nr2_en? for me this is the most important !!!:grin::speak_no_evil: sorry)

Great rom @superceleron - nice and smooth.

Please could you add back in the Playback Settings option as referenced here: https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/07/29/khadas-vim3-amlogic-a311d-benchmarks-system-info-in-android-9-0/#vim3-android-settings-system-information ?

This is so auto frame rate display switching can be usable through kodi, as currently it only shows your current resolution as an option for whitelisting.

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Ye i know i removed it since wont do anything anyway…
Dont worry, auto frame switch will be there in next build, im just on holidays for 2 weeks so no work at all… i need some time off this, doing other stuff i left behind( like taking care of the car etc…)


Ah no worries man :slight_smile: enjoy your break. I look forward to the new release.


Dear guys, superceleron,

I’m newbie, just flashed Final v2 to my new Vim3, board boots without any problems - but the screen layout seems “unfamiliar” to mee (like Windows tiles, and I don’t know what is Puffin TV). I would like to kindly ask you - is it possible to have the same layout as I’ve seen everywhere around for Android TV? (the same from the Robert’s Beta test of this firmware? - https://forum.freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/amlogic-based-tv-players/s922x/778578-vim-3-a331d-android-tv-beta)

Thank you guys for your time & patience. All the best, Tomas

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Hello, superceleron has an ATV ROM for the VIM3, why not use it?

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Puffin TV is a web browser especially done do TV’s and remotes.
On the layout, See @RDFTKV reply above.

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Thank you guys, everything works fine now

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Well just a heads up to you guys, afrd is now working and lots of other changes i did in the time i was on holidays…
But the 1º build to come out from me with all this new changes are the VIM3L rom, then i will do VIM3 and VIM1 in this order!


hi, superceleron, I wanted to know for myself, does kernel support init.d in your firmware?:slightly_smiling_face:

well i dint check it but i think i enable it, i think…

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Well guys here is the build… you guys have IMG and OTA.
So ones that are on my older builds use ota app that is in the rom to update without losing your settings/data.


Hi, Superceleron, I didn’t look a lot at your assembly, I really liked it! torrent online instantly launched 80 GB. I wanted to clarify, noise reduction, do you have 0, or do I need to do this myself? Thank you so much!

yes i set it to 0, you dont need to do anything.


Hello superceleron , the picture quality has not changed, I compare it with android smart TV (the picture is clearer), on the same TV settings, what else can I do? :frowning:
Otherwise, everything is fine with you!:+1::slightly_smiling_face:
I like the cooling and loading of the processor !!! everything is almost perfect!:+1::slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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hmm, go to settings->display settings->picture and mess with settings(except backlight) especially DNR.
Other than that i dont see much else i can do!

Great job superceleron! I have been in the testing process for two days, it is very exciting !!!
before update

after - it was cool !!!


Well i actually think that is not working, i was going to remove it, but i leave it there to see if amlogic comes to fix it one day…


superceleron, I have only hope for you and Terry :grin::tv::rocket:

I think that is more for the other side of a TV HDMI port as in internal control of the TV’s output is this ship is used in a TV and not a TV box but will stand or sit if corrected :smiley: