[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie ATV BETA2 20190908

Hi there guys and girls, one more rom/fw for you all!
Many thks to Khadas for sending me the device to play
And many thks to @Robert for be my beta tester :wink:
This rom is as “TRUE” to AndroidTV as possible…
Build from Latest source.
Debug Build


  • After the VIM3 boot and it shows the language screen pls let it idle there for 1 or 2 min so background tasks finish.
  • When you finish setup and you are on launcher screen, let it also idle there for 5 min when playstore suggestions appears on main screen of launcher go to play store and manual update the apps since in 1º boot looks like it wont auto update the core apps that is needed to be updated.
  • Both above are only done 1 time on first boot after flash…
  • First time you put the Vim3 to sleep it will take long time to actually sleep… dont worry is normal it will eventually sleep, this only happens 1 time after a power cycle after that it will go to sleep fine and “fast”.

Changelog BETA2:

  • Ported All my changes (see previous versions changelogs) to latest sdk and build from it.
  • Fixed a few issues present in latest sdk.
  • Now compatible with both v1.1 and v1.2 hw revision of VIM3 ( with Samsung and SkHynix rams)
  • Noise filter set to 1, i think is enough!
  • Other small stuff and cleanups.

Changelog BETA1:

  • ATV Build Path used.
  • NO ROOT (i do not root my roms… sorry… but you can have “su” in shell since is a debug build )
  • Small change in kernel.
  • Fixed force_land.
  • Reduce the time the mouse icon stays on screen.
  • Removed some “Null” pop ups
  • Some fixes to settings provider.
  • Modified DroidSettings, “More Settings” now calls white settings.
  • Modified TVSettings, added “Display” to menu to call DroidSettings
  • Removed White settings just like true ATV.
  • Double click home brings up Recent Apps in Grid View…
  • Long press home calls all apps
  • Long press Mic Key in remote calls assistant ( only tested in Beelink King Remote )
  • Added many KL’s for many keyboards.
  • Added Beelink King remote support. ( more to be added in the future )
  • Added Provision.
  • Density set to 320dpi as true ATV.
  • Added some apps. ( not many since i dont like to add to much crap in my roms )
  • Compilation done with optimizations.
  • Changed system and vendor partitions size.
  • Optimized lots of stuff.
  • Custom Gapps ATV.
  • Some small fixes to systemui.
  • Fixed Vulkan support.
  • Removed 1. boot pair remote page.

Bugs BETA1:

  • Of course there is bugs… there always be bugs…
  • Googlecast will not work ok, nothing i can do to fix it since it need certification.
  • Netflix for AndroidTV will not work at all, so use regular netflix already present in the rom.

Want to buy me a beer?

Download ATV BETA2 IMG:

Install instructions:

  • Use usb burning tool to burn the IMG.
  • More information on how to put the device in flash mode refer to khadas wiki!



Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Any hopes this comes to vim2

I don’t think so mate, unless amlogic gives support for s912 in Pie…which i don’t think it will happen :frowning:

can i use it with the VIM3 1.2 ?

i don’t see why not!

Ok. I give it a try :slight_smile:

Do you still Working on the Rom?

At the moment no, have other stuff (like work) to do.
But i will update it again if you asking that, but i think for now is good enough!

mhh… i cannot continue after entering the WLAN Passwort.

does the NIC Interface not working?

yes it works, at least in mine works just fine!
What you mean you can’t continue after you enter wifi password?!

I enter the key. Press okay and nothing happens.
So my ethernet is defect only wifi on „coreelec“ is working

I change the Language to german…

do you have khadas remote?

no, just used keyboard.
But i have a logitech Harmony.

@superceleron @eviltrooper
I have added a ‘start connect’ button for it . You can refer to the commit

HI terry, thks i will check it :slight_smile:


Khadas Vim3 not easy to setup… i want install Android TV but i can´t ……

I can install this Android pie


the name of the file into is: update.img

software: usb burning tool

and the answer is: [0x00000000]Burning successfully!!!

But, when i try install someone of this:



The answer is:

[11:49:26 759][HUB1-4][Err]–CheckFileRunState failed

[11:49:26 770][HUB1-4][Err]–[0x10303004]Romcode/Switch status/Identify/Error result

Whats the problem about sofware SC (superceleron) ¿

I try erasing eMMC Storage, but the answer is the same message :Identify Error result


i replied in the other topic!


Does this mean that Google Assistant voice recognition works?
when vim3 + AndroidTV work in 1.2 :wink:

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yes it means that.
Well in a few days(hopefully), since im really busy now with my job!