[ROM] SC VIM2 Pie ATV Debug/User Builds v2.0 20210313

Yes it can be screwed just fine(i have mine screwed), you just can’t power the vim2 from that board, you always have to use vim2 usb-c to power it on.
If you try to power it from the tv board then you only get a black screen.

мне нужна рабочая Плата ТВ-тюнера на вашей прошивке
я хочу смотреть спутниковые каналы
на вашей прошивке

if you really need to have the TV board working then for now you have to stick with android 7.1.2 build.

почему не дать поддержку Плате ТВ-тюнера на вашей сборке

поддержка может быть предоставлена только Khadas / сторонним производителем @superceleron не имеет никакого контроля для его поддержки …


Клиент всегда прав!:grin:


Updated 1º post with v2.0.

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толку с этих обновлений ну когда же заработает спутниковый тюнер я даже пультом пользоваться не могу .многие и покупали только из за спутникового тюнера.неужели так сложно докинуть файлы в систему чтоб все работало.

Well, when the satellite tuner starts working, I can’t even use the remote control .many people bought it only because of the satellite tuner.is it really so difficult to upload files to the system so that everything works?

This roms actually runs quite well on my old Alfawise H96 Pro Plus. Only thing that is missing for me is the ir remote. It is detected, and accepts some of the keys but not all. The image in Youtube looks great and fluid, no drops at maximum resolution. If I could get root on this, I could fix the remote. Any clue if this is possible? Thank you in advance.

Refer to superceleron’s original post, he produced two versions of this ROM, User, and Debug…

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You are right, sorry I lost myself in the downloads and I’ve installed the not rooted one. Great work then, and so far the best ATV rom for H96 pro+.

Hi, im having trouble to use Android TV Remote app in this rom.
I can find the android tv in the app on my phone, I type the code and then it just show the remote for a second or two and then disconnects.
Is just me?

strange, i did test it on my side and works just fine.

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Can u fix the Bluetooth my ps4 controller keep disconnecting thank u very mch

Sorry i do not have a PS4 gamepad to test :frowning:
If i ever get one i will have a look.

Does dis build support ps4 controller via Bluetooth

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我的s912 box刷了这个rom.很不错。除了cec的一键power off是无效的,还有遥控器不能power on,但是可以power off。可惜我不会编译uboot。还会继续更新吗?

Sorry i do not speak Chinese but yes it will continue to be updated, for now!

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Hello, I’d like to know if there’s a way to create web shortcuts or use Home Screen shortcuts from Chrome. It should be simple to do on a normal smartphone Android OS, but it doesn’t seem this is it. If anyone knows of a ROM that can do that, I’d appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

Use the non atv build, is around here in the forum.