Right Khadas equipment for mobile miniPC

Hi, guys !
Please, create the topic with examples of the mini PC, made of Khadas equipment, which can be connected everywhere to the monitor, keyboard and mouse to surf on the Internet.
Please, list all required equipment, based on Khadas Edge-V Pro with 4K output.

Thank you,

What tasks do you plan to solve on this equipment ? The list of equipment depends on it.

I want to surf on the internet, work with Office programs, play video files on FullHD display.
May you, please, specify the full list of the equipment required ?

Thank you

What does “for mobile” mean ?

Hi !
Thank you !
Let me dream of 2 options of mini PC, based on Edge.
OPTION 1: The mobile PC means that I may carry it out with me and connect it to the LAN Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.
The device should have the battery, small screen, SSD drive, Wi-Fi and BT module and LTE 4 G SIM card socket, if possible. External 4K display output, audio, USB 3.0

OPTION 2: allow me to carry out everywhere, but no battery, no screen.
Included: the SSD drive, LAN, Wi-Fi and BT module, LTE 4G SIM card socket. External screen 4K output, audio, USB3.0

Thank you in advance for your recommendations and list of required equipment