Resolution 1920x720

Our VIM3 don’t support the 1920x720 resolution now,you can try to add it by refer to documnet

Thanks, Any simple instruction to do so? I am not an expert. I Tried with software application in goole store with no success.

It can take months to read documents and follow instructions to test it and then return back to you. But it could take few minutes from you as an expert.

It is a mandatory “technical issue” to compete with other Chinese android boards in Automobile industry.

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@Astra_custom firstly you can refer
then you can refer following commit
bootloader/uboot: 16f661e1ad2edbddd0d78cd4e7eecd4ac03ee87d
common: 5bbd22226d733666c076383c5f2e18c923fdfa68
hardware/amlogic/hwcomposer: 77e74e2229c13a8eff67ec06e3ba630e35c41617
vendor/amlogic/common/frameworks: 3cb626a80c1da6d4f9cbc6c9ff7503a801f60488
vendor/amlogic/common/apps/DroidTvSettings: 5a27ef3db39a14dbd2f352efe84127873b26ec41

Sorry for asking again but i am trying to understand, based on your PDF file are these information that you looking after?

firstly,you should find the timing paramater for 1920x720 ,then configue the register according to doc