Remove shutdown button


How can I remove the shutdown button from the taskbar. Because we use a kiosk mode but you can still see and use the button in lockscreen.


You can issue the following command from adb or a terminal
setprop qemu.hw.mainkeys 1

Or in build.prop in system or vendor partition add the following line.

Might need root access for this.
Then it will hide the navigation bar permanently.

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Thank you. But we only need to remove the shutdown button from the task bar. The task bar should be enabled.

does anyone have any information on this?

What’s the version of system? Android9.0 or Android10.0?
What’s the taskbar? Did you means navigation bar on the bottom?
In addition, can you build the ROM by yourself with source code?

We use 10. Yes we are able to build a rom. but when we do that every time something doesn’t work. :slight_smile: So it tedious and frustrating.

@goenjoy Please following up this.

@appscreen Are you just removing the lancher power button?
Do you want to remove the shutdown option in the pop-up menu by long pressing the physical key? If this is to be removed, it will take more time to study and analyze.