Remote viewer- DRM Protection

This is Sayed from the Good Feet NW, we bought recently 2 of VIM3L to use it as an android TVs in our stores, we purchase them for testing purposes before deciding if we are going to move forward and but the full amount of devices to be rolled out to all of our stores, we are partnering with ESPER ( to manage all of these devices from a central management system, we were able to provision them to the system and they are working fine except one thing that we would love to get your help to fix it, we add our media content to the device locally and we use some media player ( such as VLC) to play the media, the local media plays fine until we try to remote connect to the device, then the what ever is playing on the device will turn into black, we are still connected to the device and can do everything else, but it is very useful to see what is playing on the device so we can do full management to it, ESPER team worked really hard on this issue to support us but still they couldn’t fix it, and from their thourough troubleshooting and testing, they were able to know the root cause of the issue, they said The DRM protection is triggered on other software (screenshot,scrcpy) as well as the remote viewer in the console. The only way to resolve this would be to somehow disable the DRM protection, and this is something that you guys can do, please help and let us know what you can do so we can finish the testing process and place the order of the full list of devices needed for the stores.