Remote G30S with gysocope on VIM3

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Hi, so could I buy remote G30S with gysocope for using with VIM3 PRO?

I think it’s standard HID device, and should can work on most Android SO.

Many thanks for fast answer, but I have another one: I plan use the VIM3 as Android tv box and I will connect it through HDMI with SONY TV. How could I have additional digital sound out from VIM3 to my hi-end DAC (without optional Khadas HI-FI board buing). For example: could I connect VIM3 USB 2.0 or 3.0 for my DAC usb input to have the sound from VIM3?

Not sure, but VIM3 follow the USB audio standard.

May be you need to provide the information of the USB DAC.