Remote Control not working, How to access to troubleshoot?

Hello. I’m using a Vim3L, and the remote isn’t working. Pressing the button 20 or 30 times and the device may turn. Or it might not. Once inside Khadas’s Kodi interface, the buttons usually don’t work, and I have to press them about 5 times or more.

I bought a 2nd brand new remote control from Khadas and the problem is the same. So maybe it is a configuration issue on the device? How do I connect to the device to look at the configuration files?

I have an alternative universal remote that works with my TV, but I cannot reliably get VIM3L to wake up from Suspend.

I am comfortable using SSH and Bash shell, but I do not know how to connect to my Vim3L. I cannot find guide for how to simply connect via SSH or if I need to hook the device up to a desktop/laptop computer to troubleshoot the configuration files… I’m lost. Please help and thank you!

Have you checked to ensure that the antenna isn’t blocking the IR receiver?

I thought the remote was Bluetooth. I cannot believe I missed such a simple problem!

Now I just need to get my universal remote to stop automatically turning on Vim3L whenever I press the “OK” button on it (even when I’m on a different application on the TV).

Thanks a lot.

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