Remix /Android 7?

I see alot of posts re linux just wondering if any plans to have remix os or android 7 on the device?

Hi, Scooter:
Remix is not sure, but Android N I think will be supported in the future.

I join this request because i’m also interested!

I think that the maximum could be a future release of remix os for our fabulous board.

I think I saw that this Android based os is freely downloadable so I think that customization and the drivers might be the problem or not?

for home use have a version of Android in the desktop version would be very comfortable.

in my dreams a rom dulboot remix os + ubuntu

thank you

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I add this post because I did a search these days and in reality the project “REMIX OS” has not been updated since Nov 2016 and in the latest versions for google problems had been removed the google play store so it was usable a very limited app store by jide.

So my enthusiasm for this beautiful project has been canceled because I think the jide company has lost track when it has decided to make the X86 desktop version freely downloadable and in fact did not update the ARM version.

In my opinion, after kickstarte’s boom has come to terms with reality and without funds it is impossible to maintain such a project.

Talking to the past maybe it would have been better if they were focused only on their mini remix and shortly after the first months give all builders a little money for their version of android and this way they could pay the costs to upgrade their version Of android

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