Raspberry 7" touchscreen

hi community,

does anyone has experiences with the original raspberry touchscreen. i want to use it with my vim pro. i don’t want to use the hdmi and don’t know if there are drivers for your ubuntu-version.

thank you for giving me any advice.

Hi, harpmaster:
You just want to use a touch panel of the RPi touchscreen, not need to use the display screen over HDMI, right?

And may I know why you need the 7’ touchscreen of Rpi?


hi gouwa,

many thanks for answering. i have bought a while ago this Rpi-touchscreen but not in use. so i thought maybe i can use it with my vim. maybe for a car-navigation-system or something else,
but i don’t know what i have to do on the vim …


I don’t have a 7’ RPi touchscreen in my hand, I think the display screen over HDMI will works, you can just take a try.

And as I known linux support lots of the USB touchscreen devices, I guess if it’s USB based, will works also.

Good luck!