Questions re: Upgrading Images via OOWOW

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

OOWOW + Ubuntu

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas Official Images

Please describe your issue below:

I just realized there’s a new version of Ubuntu (a new image) available to download. A couple of questions.

(1) I know how to do that via OOWOW, but my understanding is that it will erase everything on the eMMC. Is there a way to do an update that preserves, e.g., my home directory and other settings, or will that come later?

(2) Is there a changelog for the new image posted somewhere?


What are you trying to update?

Sometimes, there are new versions of the OSes (e.g., Android, Ubuntu) in OOWOW.

I’m trying to figure out if the only way to get these new releases is to flash the eMMC via OOWOW, which would erase the eMMC.

any time we can use common way for current distros like this sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

I am assuming you are talking about the entire Operating System, not individual programs. With SBC’s its best to use the “factory approved” release unless you have copious amounts of time to get a newer kernal or distro version up and running.

If you want to run android and have Ubuntu installed you will have to use OOWOW to install in EMMC

What I do since we have different models of the Khadas boards and in various stages of development is to mount a partition. Install OS into emmc and modify fstab to automount the partition(s) of an NVMe on a M2 board or SSD on the USB port. Keep all your work and important files on the mounted partition.

Why, assuming you are coding its very easy to break the OS and too solve the problem it is much faster an simpler to just install a fresh OS. Then remount those partitions and your files are back, if you need config files mount them on a partition too. You do lose some data, so plan ahead.

Using a partition(s) also makes your information portable between boards, in that case use the USB adapter to SSD. The VIM4 is doing around 325 Mbs on the USB3 port w/SSD, that is pretty good speed. The EMMC on the VIM 4 I have is only getting 180 Mbs, not sure why.

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