Questions of Memory and Storage VIM3 Basic

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

VIM3 Basic

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Ubuntu for now.

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas Ubuntu Port

Please describe your issue below:

This is more of a question and not a problem. This board has a Micro SD, eMMC, and with the expansion card, and M.2SSD. I am aware that with no SD Card or SSD, by default the VIM3 will boot into Android. With the fact that I don’t plan to use Android, and I was advised by another member that the Android on the eMMC was likely the cause of my Linux on the SD Card booting in monochrome orange. So I have some questions about the use of the different storage types and memory

So my questions are as follows (Please bare with me as this confuses me). What is the size of the RAM, According to the Amazon listing, it says the “Computer Memory Size” is 2GB. Under that is says the “RAM Memory Maximum Size” is 16GB.

I am unable to find anything that provides the size specifications of the eMMC, optimal / max size of the Micro SD Card, nor the optimal / max size of the M.2 NVMe SSD Card. However, lower in the listing, it lists the specifications of what was used for the benchmarks, 16GB eMMC, 16GB SD Card, still nothing on the M.2. Can someone please help me understand the following:

  1. What is the size of the RAM on this board? Is it 2GB or 16GB, and if it is 2GB, the specification stating RAM Memory Max Size of 16GB would lead one believe that the RAM can be upgraded to a max of 16GB. Can the memory be upgraded? if so, how? If not, then these specifications are extremely misleading. Please understand that I am not trying to pick apart this board, and I certainly am not trying to bash it at all. But I did buy this with the understanding that the VIM3 had more then 2GB of RAM, or that the eMMC might be able to be used as an extended RAM, almost like a RAM Drive. I did not realize until I really started looking into these specifications that I believe that the description rather lead me astray, and I would not have purchased this if it only had 2GB RAM.

As you guys may recall, the reason I purchased this board was to have a cost effective OctoPrint server. While OctoPrint “can” run on 2GB of RAM, it would have to be a slimmed down install, meaning I would have to limit the number of plugins installed, and certain plugins such as the Pretty GCode plugin which displays the Realtime GCode as 3D graphical representation of the real time print of the model. This plugin would not be able to be used with only 2GB. The lowest RAM that would be functional would be 4GB. So right now, I am confused as to what the memory is on this board. If it is only 2GB, then what is meant by saying that the “RAM Memory Maximum Size” is 16GB?

  1. This question may be moot based on the previous answer, but what is the size of the eMMC? Based on it’s size, is it large enough to install your Linux port on it? What governs the boot order? It appears the eMMC is first, SD Card second, and M.2 third? Can the boot order be changed or is it based on which device your boot image is on? Can you boot from the M.2? Can you boot from one of the 3 storage devices, and then use the other 2 for plain storage?? Do they need to be mounted in Linux or will Linux automatically find them and mount them for you?

I hope someone can help clear this up for me. Sadly, if this turns out to truly only have 2GB ram and it can not be up


graded, I don’t believe this board will every work for me and that is really truly disappointing because I recently just purchased the expansion board, the fan for the heatsink, and the M.2 drive and I may not be able to use any of it, and since I purchased them from the Khadas website, I probably should have contacted Khadas and questioned the odd specifications on the memory, but I assumed there was perhaps 2 different RAMs as there are 2 processors, the ARM64 and the one for the AI/ Neural Network. However, I won’t lose hope yet, so hopefully someone will have some good news for me in a reply.

Thank you in advance.

The RAM size for VIM3 Basic is 2GB and eMMC is 16GB.
If you want more RAM, you can choose VIM3 Pro with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC.

The eMMC size for VIM3 Basic is 16GB, and it is enought to install our images.
About the boot order, before kernel stage, eMMC has higher priority the SD card, but after kernel stage the SD card has higher priority the eMMC, it meams that if you already have image on eMMC, when you insert a SD card with image on it, then it will boot from the SD card. For current image doesn’t support boot from the M.2 NVMe SSD directly.