Questions about NPU

Hi, I’m so confused about NPU.
I have some questions. Help me please.

  1. It seems only limited operations are supported. Can I run models with unsupported operations(like celu activation function in pytorch) on NPU?

  2. According to the document about FAQ, it supports the models listed on this page (acuity-models/models at master · VeriSilicon/acuity-models · GitHub).
    Is it possible to run models other than the above if only the supported operations are used?

  3. According to the FAQ doc., Amlogic NN supports armNN.
    This means to run models on NPU with armNN?
    And does this mean that armNN can be used to run models with unsupported layers on the NPU?

Thanks in advance for your help.

@asadfasdf If you use not unsupported operations, then you will failed when you convert, so it can’t be use with NPU.

Yes. The document says to support armNN, but we have not tested the relevant content

Thank you for answering.

I’ll try armNN.