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Question. Can you check the latest version of LE on VIM3 ? After recording the image, do not change anything. Before starting, be sure to completely disconnect all cables from VIM3 for 5-10 minutes. Connect the cables and media to the VIM3 and plug the power supply into an outlet. Wait for the system to expand the partition and start auto-restarting when the image disappears from the screen, remove the power supply from the socket and disconnect all cables from the Board. Wait 5-10 minutes. Connect the cables and plug the power supply into an outlet. Wait for the system to start and perform the initial configuration. I am interested in whether there will be a color problem with this launch option.

Hello Oleg,

Where can I find the latest image?

Hi Nick

By the way, you can still check the latest versions of Armbian (with complete disconnection of all cables for 5-10 minutes), but it will need to pre-configure DTB. I. e. I can have the correct color without adding (u-boot.ext) on LE and Armbian. I found that on my vim3 instance, the first start after disconnecting all the cables goes with the correct color. Perhaps this is a unique feature of only my instance (and the operations I performed on it). :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks you Oleg.

@Frank Please help to check.

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@balbes150 I will test it . Downloading now.

@balbes150 Do I need to synchronize the version number of uboot and kernel first, or there will be a green screen ?Becase you want to test a color problem, I am not sure should I do it or not .

But I have test in case of unadaptable uboot and kernel. The imagination of green screen.

EMMC must have firmware with the latest version of u-boot (which gives color distortion). By the way, @Spikerguy ave already confirmed the same behavior that I observe myself (no color problem when the system is first turned on, if VIM3 was completely disabled before starting).

@balbes150 :joy: I try it 3 times .And it both gives color distortion …

Are you sure you have disconnected all the cables (HDMI, power, LAN, USB, UART etc) from the Board and are waiting for at least 10 minutes to reconnect all the cables ?

@balbes150 I have UART connected, but UART does not use power pin . I will remove uart and try again later .

It is the same effect on behavior.
It must be disabled (i.e. the Board must be as taken from the package just now)

@balbes150 I test it 5 times . Twice the color was right . It’s interesting.

If press the power button (after disconnecting all cables) and increase the time to reset, can get a guaranteed start without a color error every time.