Question about mainline kernel and u-boot

I’m checking the Fenix repository and I see there are several patches for the kernel and the u-boot: fenix/packages/linux-mainline/patches/5.10-rc6 at master · khadas/fenix · GitHub and fenix/packages/u-boot-mainline/patches/v2021.01 at master · khadas/fenix · GitHub

From the kernel repository, it seems that mainline is 5.11-rc6 instead of 5.10-rc6.

Could someone from khadas confirm if the supported kernel is 5.10-rc6 and that all the patches must be applied in order for the device to work properly? Also is there any effort being done to submit this patches to the kernel/u-boot or are there licenses or proprietary limitations to it?

Also, are the patches documented somewhere? (I’m just trying to understand the build process/situation).


Hi @manuel-arguelles

All the latest patches to the Fenix repo is here on GitHub:

The mainline uboot has no proprietary restrictions, only the bsp uboot would face such if any…

If you learning more About the build process look into the makefile, everything should be there :wink:


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Thanks @Electr1,

Yes I’m trying to learn about the build process and what it takes to get the latest u-boot and kernel to work with the vim3.

I somehow understood that it is supported by mainline, but after seeing the long list of patches, I’m not sure if that holds.

I’d go over the scripts to double check which patches are applied. Thanks!

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A tool that only updates uboot can be added with “krescue”.