Problem with Geekbox

Good afternoon! I use Geekbox as a TV box. But there is a problem with the inversion of colors:

"There is a known problem of color inversion when connecting the android prefix to the old (up to 2010) Sony and Philips TVs, the screen may show a white to black, green or pink color change. this is in an arbitrary order, not dependent on external factors. An example of a problem: The misunderstanding is caused by the technology of displaying colors on consoles and televisions. This problem did not exist until the release of new Android TV Box models, when both devices were operating in RGB mode. Starting with the Amlogic S905X processor and the Rockchip RK3368, the set-top boxes began supporting two color display technologies, RGB and YCbCr. It is the second one that does not work on obsolete Sony / Philips TVs, and as a result we see such a result as in the picture above. The essence is that the console during operation arbitrarily switches from one mode to the second and then we see these transitions in the form of green. Some manufacturers of smart tv consoles noticed this problem and released firmware update. In such models in the settings menu a separate item is allocated for forced display in RGB mode, usually called “force RGB” or “screen color space”.

I have just Philips. In VIM, this setting is there, switched to RGB and the image problems are gone. But in Gekbox this item is not available in the settings. Can I somehow change it in RGB?

Hi, Land-t:
First of all, thanks for chosing our products.

Geekbox does have screen/monitor compatibility issues, as I can remember, there are upgraded ROM which may resolve this problem, maybe you can download the latest ROM(if you still can find out one) for testing.

Have fun!

Use Followmsi rom 64 bit for geekbox can be found on the freaktab site. It’s best for that box still works good on mine. Maybe some day it get a new rom but that your best bet right now.

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Hello! Is GeekBox the predecessors of VIM? Recently, I bought a GeekBox from and had payed for it, however, the website looks stop operations and I can not get the money back. Do you know why … If you know, would you please do me a favor? this is my email: Thank you very much!