Powering toneboard and vim

hi, i quickly searched for similar topic and decided to create this one.
i have a vim1 pro and a toneboard and i need to power both of them from a single but beefy power supply. i need the cables to be big enough as i also want to connect an usb 2.5 hdd to the vim (for my media files)
once the toneboard is plugged on the 40 pin socket, can i simply plug my 5v arrival wire on pin 11 of j4 of the toneboard (and connect the gnd to pin 13) ??

We do not advise you to do so,Pin 11 of J4 just for debug XMOS and the maximum current is less than 500 mA,and you can see the PCB layout:

thanks for the advice,
I understand that this thin route would not handle the 2A+ curren needed by my whole system.
So, what to do if I dont want to use the usb-c socket of the VIM nor its unconveniently tiny connector and pins on 4_HEADER ?
is there a soldering pad or anything somewhere after fuse1812 that I can use ?
(my ref is https://download1791.mediafire.com/a9n0v2af9llg/g23br7h202o8g8r/Vim_V12_Sch.pdf)


You can try to weld the thicker power cord (+, -) as above pictures, and when you start it you need to connect the HDD first and then start the VIM.
To be honest, your HDD load is too heavy and it’s recommended to power it alone.


i have done the soldering. not connected the hdd yet. but the vim and the toneboard boot normally while the power is exclusively supplied on those two contact pads. thank you !!

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