Powering the VIM3

Thank you for the reply,
What is the required power spec. (ie max voltage and current)
And the type of connector ?

GPIO is not available to power the VIM3.

The voltage range from 5V to 20V, and 12V is recommend.

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how to power vim3 using 12VDC?
via the usb c???
my board has no power input header.

Yes, USB-C. Or VIN connector, See picture(from Khadas Docs)…

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Where to buy the VIN connector?
Also where to buy USB C to power jack connector or open wires? thanks

I don’t think it is sold as a cable? But the vin connecter is a Molex 78172 (4 pin)

Check in Mouser or Digikey

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Khadas offers a power supply, as well as a USB-C to USB-C cable. Those items are available in the Khadas shop.
24 Watt PD Power supply, Cable.
I think those Khadas items are also available on Amazon.

As for the VIN connector, the VIM3 schematic lists the connector as part# 78171-0004. That is a Molex part#. You would need the mating connector for it. I don’t know what country you are in, but in the US, sites like Mouser Electronics sell these types of items… Example 1, Example 2.

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Mouser ships to most of the countries in the world and the price is quite cheap and affordable, the downside is the high shipping charge which means bulk order of parts is highly prefferable , Just club all the parts you need to buy to reduce the overall price.

I personally live in India and had the same difficulties when trying to buy small connecter parts for my projects

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If you put your VIM3 into the case, USB C connector appears to be too short and it does not get fixed in the VIM socket. It’s falling out every time.
I do not know if Khadas tested the case well?
I do not know yet how it is possible to re-work the case in order to make it fit? May be to find somewhere USB C cable with longer connectors?

Yes I had the same experience So I replaced the cable with the older version of USB-C to USB from Khadas which have a longer connector.

is there really a reason why VIM3 could not powered via GPIO header (with 5V voltage)? Have always done this with VIM1 using pins 5 and 6, experienced no problem.

As VIM3 designed with voltage input(DCIN) range from 5V to 20V, and the 5V PIN on the GPIO is the downstream of DCIN:

We will recommend the VIN header for external power solution.

I see… staying in the range from 5 to 20 V can sometimes be a bit difficult, as the supply voltage in automation related installations is often 24V (up to 28V with lead-acid battery backup).

Both NB679 and NB680 support 28V maximum input voltage. Is there a component in DCIN circuit that limits the max input voltage lower than that?

As a possible alternative solution - if 5V and 3.3V are produced externally, can these voltages be switched on (and off) simultaneously or is there a sequence to follow?

Here too, had to remove it from the case to flash firmware as the connection was too loose.

I use this connect 12V to USB-C.


Has any one used the VIN connector for powering the board?
But what will be the pin config of the board VIN connector. It is also rather difficult to get the molex connector cable.
I am thinking of powering the VIM3L+KTB with a 12V 2A linear power supply. But getting the connector is a problem.
Does any one have an idea on this?


Have fun!


I think this is the connector:

Thanks @Gouwa
So Pin 3&4 is GND and 1&2 is 12V… is it safe for a 2A supply- considering 24W or power.
Also if you power the VIM3L board by the VIN connector, can the USB C port be then used for data, say if you plug in a USB C OTG drive ?