Powering 16 Vim3s w/ network switchable PSU

I’m looking for some advice on powering a bunch (16ish) vim3s.
I’d like to be able to (remotely) power them on/off individually.

It seems that jup front, I have two options: USB-C or VIN

The USB-C approach seems like the easiest, but finding an existing 16-port hub with individual switches to power on/off with enough wattage seems to be tricky to find. The ones I have tried do not seem to have the power when some/all of the vim3s start drawing enough power… so things brown out… and badness happens. (What is the max wattage of a vim3 anyway?)

So, the VIN option seems like it has potential.
I mean, I may be oversimplifying things… but electrically, wouldn’t it be a big (160W+) 12v power supply, with 16 relays wired up in parallel, and a small IC to control the relays? (Maybe some caps to prevent transients, when the relays flip, and/or some voltage regulators, etc…) None of it sounds too crazy hard to me… But I don’t really want to go building my own. The closest I can find are power supplies for 12v CCTV. but they do not seem to have the relays to control power per channel.


Does anyone have any pointers to a power supply that can do this?
Either USB-C or just straight DC for VIN?