Power Vim via 1A USB

I plug vim in the usb port on my Yamaha receiver. The power output is only 1A. Vim seems working fine. I also plug in two usb flash memory. Is that ok or not?

I think that is ok,but if you play the video,it may be not enough to work.At least you need the 1.5A DC adapter

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What are the symptoms of vim being short of power?
I played 1080p video, bitstreamed HD audio, even played 4k and I had no error or suttering.

From my tests, Vim seldom , if ever draws over 1 amp. However, each connected USB device will add to the amp draw. Also any connected GPIO circuit that draws power from the GPIO will add to the total amp draw.

Should the Vim exceed your receiver’s USB current limit, that port’s protection device(board mounted fuse?) may be blown. IMO, if you run USB connected devices, you should consider using a power supply rated at 1.5A or better. Current(amps) headroom is always desirable in power supplied to loads.

Current(amps) starvation to the Vim could cause erratic or improper operation or shutdown.

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Thanks. If I move all usb devices to an usb hub with standalone power supply, it will be ok, won’t it? The reason I want to use my Yamaha receiver usb port is when I turn it on, the vim is also turned on. It is very convenient with just one power button on receiver’s remote.

Here are some examples of current drawn by the Vim…

Vim Model: 2GB/16GB
ROM: Superceleron SCV1A
Volt/Current Tester: Mantistek White Tail thru its USB1 port.
Vim drawing power from: USB-C Port.
Vim Output Resolution: 1080p@60Hz

Idle with no USB accessories connected: .12A ~.14A

Idle, non-powered USB 4-port hub with
Logitech Trackball and Logitech wired full-size keyboard: .24A ~ .28A

Remaining tests with USB accessories mentioned above connected.

Running AnTuTu Benchmark: ~ .82A max observed.

1080p Blueray ISO video playing in FTMC(Kodi16 based): ~.62A max observed.

The choice is yours, while I think you would be OK using a powered USB port for connected USB accessories, if the Vim exceeds the 1amp limit of your receiver, the receiver’s port protection(fuse?) could be triggered.

If you are concerned about exceeding your receiver’s USB port limit and you like to tinker, I assume a simple 5 volt relay’s contacts could be switched closed by the receiver’s USB port 5 volts, thus giving your receiver control over the Vim’s power input. This way a suitable power supply could be used.

Similar to this Youtube example.
An example of the part.

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Thanks a lot @RDFTKV

Glad to do it.
User @loku02 has more on the Vim’s power consumption here.

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