Power and screen issues on the edge-v pro

When I plug in my edge v with a USB c or the battery, the touchscreen doesn’t turn on, and a few seconds after the light goes blue. When I hook it up to a monitor, It shows the logo, then turns off and the led goes blue. Why is this happening? It’s using Android 10 @goenjoy @jasonl

@Gabriel_Pickup The blue light indicates the shutdown status. Plug in the battery or the charger turns blue. The probability is that the WOL function is turned on. You can press the power key to enter the system, and then turn off the WOL function in the settings.

@goenjoy when I press the power key. Nothing happens

@goenjoy I think it can be fixed with a factory reset, but I don’t know how to. Ho do I factory reset it?

Can’t you turn on your board now? Can you try upgrading again?

WOL cannot be changed by restoring factory settings. It’s something in MCU. It can only be changed by the WOL option in the setting app.

Nevermind. It works now. I don’t know what the problem was, but it’s working now.