Possible download glitch

I just downloaded VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_SD-USB_V180207.7z from the Khadas VIM2 Ubuntu Firmware page.

After I burned it to a micro SD card I opened up the /boot directory.

There was nothing mentioning S912 or S905x, just S905.

So I went back to the download page and noticed that the name on the file is VIM_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_SD-USB_V180207.

I went back to the Khadas VIM2 Ubuntu Firmware page and downloaded the VIM2 image again, and sure enough, it is the VIM version, not the VIM2 version.

Could you check it and see if I made a mistake or you made a mistake?

SD/USB images for VIM1 & VIM2 are the same, the only difference is DTB, so the image name is VIM but is for both VIM1 & VIM2. After you burn to SD card you need to setup the DTB file.

For VIM1: Copy kvim_linux.dtb to /boot, and rename to dtb.img.
For VIM2: Copy kvim2_linux.dtb to /boot, and rename to dtb.img.

Latest SD images here.

And for SD images you need to know Boot images from external medias.


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