Pogo Station with MicroSD slot?

I think a pogo station dedicated for storage would be better if that could be achieved.

I dont know if anyone has thought about this yet. But one of the things I have been seeing about the Edge 2 is the lack for storage options and this Pogo Station looks like it could be the solution.

Wouldnt it be better to include like a MicroSD slot and an nvme slot?

We have wifi/bt wirelessly which I prefer so ethernet is an extra for sure but having an MicroSD handy for system swaps and what not… could be a killer option :smiley:

Running for example Armbian on emmc and Android on MicroSD…

This is just beautifull…


Ill up-vote the micro SD option. or even a mod for a NVMe drive port connection to connect one externally. my custom ubuntu build is already nearing capacity on the eMMC… they are a bit limiting. I’d prefer the option of a 1T+ or larger micro SD… swapability is also always a perk.


add to that… the greater ease of OS installs via Micro SD… and not the eMMC methodologies…

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Its the only thing missing on this pogo station exactly.
Or either that or an microSD I/o that could fit inside the case (which has not hole for it but whatever) could always stay inside for extra storage without the GPIO pins etc etc.

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They added a micro sd port to the ‘Captain’ for the Edge 1… but if they make another variation of it for the Edge 2 ARM PC… the case will need modified to access the ports. The Captain is a nice addition for the Edge 1… but perhaps make the port connections angulated… so the add on can fit underneath… instead of jutting straight off the board… possible improvement…

My next order will include maker kit version… and I may tinker with my own adapter designs… and bust out the digital caliper to take precision measurements for a custom case permitting use of full expansion options…

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Im not sure about the captain but theres this for the edge 2 https://www.khadas.com/product-page/edge2-io-module
What I dont like is the gpio pins and I think a more simpler only microsd port would suit better if it fit inside the grey case if not then include it on the pogo station would have been perfect indeed. Idk this is just us talking.


This in a pogo station would take my money right away.

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for sure. 100% micro sd… with accessible port for NVMe… but keep the DAC from the docking port… and perhaps the additional USB-C with the ethernet… always useful when EMF is problematic…

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eMMC + micro SD usually not paired together in most devices since physically configured for one or the other… both would be pretty nice…