Pin connection with LoRaHat


Anyone knows how hard would be to use a Lora the vim3?

I own a LoraHat for rpi and maybe it could be used in Vim3:

I suppose we have to wire each pin directly. Although then we may have the drivers/software troubles…

The problem is the pin layout and to understand which ones are the same, since in these two links they differ:

The 3.3v, 5v, GND are in both. Then, if we look the RPI2B connections, are like this:

  • DIO0: GPI07
  • RX: GPIO15/TX
  • TX: GPIO16/RX
  • NSS: GPIO6

But for Vim3, what would match?

  • DIO0: I2SB_SDO (pin31) ?
  • RX: UARTC_TX(pin16) or Linux_TX(pin19)?
  • TX: UARTC_RX(pin15) or Linux_RX(pin18)?
  • RESET:
  • NSS:
  • MISO: pin22?
  • MOSI: pin23?
  • SCK: I2SB_SCLK (pin29) or SPI3_CLK(pin 16) ?

I think I need GPIO pins to manually set and not interfer with other functions, to be used with RESET and NSS… and maybe DIO0.

Any recommendation?

Do you propose an alternative to use LoRa with the VIM3?

Wouldn’t suggest using RPi HATS, the pin configuration is different and anyways you would need to use jumpers, my solution just use the LoRa breakout board which is much cheaper and smaller

@bizcocho85 would you be interested in something like this instead of a RPi HAT,